'Shazam' movie news: Director asks fans and haters to be patient

(Facebook/ShazamTheMovie)"Shazam!" the movie will come into cinemas in April 2019.

Even before an official trailer for the upcoming "Shazam!" movie from DC Films is released, the project is already receiving some harsh criticisms from fans and haters alike. With the movie and superhero character not receiving a very warm welcome, the film's director took to Twitter to air his feelings on the matter.

Director David F. Sandberg responded to a comment from a Twitter follower who claimed that the upcoming film will feature a Shazam character that is based on the "New 52" version of the DC superhero. "Not to stop you from having an opinion about something that doesn't exist yet, it's the internet after all, but as I designate a movie the obligatory Best/Worst Ever!! I find it helpful sometimes to have more info than a few character names," the director responded.

ScreenRant noted, however, that the fan who Sandberg responded to may have a basis for his claims. The recent casting announcements suggested that the director will draw some inspiration on the "New 52" when it comes to the film's plot and character dynamics.

The recent casting of Ian Chen and Jovan Armand as Billy's friends, Eugene and Pedro, clearly adds fuel to the speculations that the movie will be based on the "New 52." The two characters were already introduced in the revamp and relaunch of DC's monthly comic books, the report added.

Sandberg, for his part, is no stranger to brutal opinions coming from haters and detractors. DigitalSpy reported that his selection as director of "Shazam!" may not have sat well for some observers, noting that his background and expertise was in the horror genre. Sandberg helmed recent hits like "Lights Out" and "Annabelle: Creation."

"It will be an interesting experience making a movie where no matter what choices are made there will be some who passionately hate you," Sandberg posted on Twitter back in October.

"Shazam!" is slated to release in April 5, 2019 in the U.S. and U.K.