Shia LaBeouf arrested outside New York City museum for misdemeanor and assault

(Reuters/Eric Gaillard)Actor and activist Shia LaBeouf is facing misdemeanor assault charges after a scuffle during his art installation project in New York City.

Actor and activist Shia LaBeouf was arrested early Thursday morning after allegedly getting involved in a scuffle with another man, right outside a New York City museum.

According to police reports, LaBeouf allegedly pulled the scarf of a 25-year-old man just outside the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens. LeBeouf's action led to the scratching of the still unidentified man, which he also reportedly pushed.

In a report by Fox News, the 30-year-old star, before the tussle, was seen chanting "He will not divide us" while facing a live camera, as part of an art installation project. It was the seventh day of a live stream that LaBeouf and two others planned to keep going 24/7, for the next four years, which they started on the inauguration of the newly-installed president, Donald Trump.

The video showed the aftermath of the altercation, including the moment the actor was handcuffed and taken by the police.

Before the actor's arrest, he was seen pleading into the camera. "Hey, be nice. Everybody be nice down here, man. Just be nice! That's the only requirement. Be nice!" he said. "That's all I ask. Be nice. Pro this, pro that. Cool. But be nice," LeBeouf added.

In a report by The Guardian, the "Transformers" and "American Honey" star was having a disagreement with the man who had "divergent political opinions." The art installation that LeBeouf co-created with Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner was apparently a form of Anti-Trump protest, which had members of the public show up to show support and criticism.

Fox News also reported that LeBeouf was seen on video shoving spectators, one of which was a man who said: "Hitler did nothing wrong." Another instance saw the actor bumping chests with a man who recited a white supremacist slogan.

The LA Times, however, reported that LeBeouf said that the installation was not anti-Trump. "We're anti-division out here. Everyone's invited," LaBeouf said. "I'm just saying, 'Be nice to each other," the actor said in front of a live stream camera while being interviewed by the Associated Press.

Latest reports from Reuters said that LeBeouf just returned to his performance art protest as he faces a misdemeanor assault charge, and he is scheduled to appear in court on April 4.