Shopkins new characters coming December 2015

(Moose Toys/Toy Box Chest)A retailer box crate of Shopkins figures. Shopkins season 4 will be coming out this December, though Moose Toys have not announced an exact release date. Some retail outlets though are said to already have stocks of the Shopkin season 4 figures.

The holidays is for kids, and many toy retailers will stock up on new items to keep kids happy. Shopkins has become Girl Toy of the Year. The little cute toys can win anyone, especially the little girls who collect it.

For the coming new collection, there would be 48 new figures that will be coming out, Christian Today reports. The figures are classified according to teams, and will be available in packs along with grocery items.

Some of the teams are Fruits and Vegs, Sweet Treats, Accessories, and even such limited edition figures called Perfume. There are also pets called Petkins.

Ecumenical News has stated that some retailers have already stocked up on the season 4 Shopkins figures. Moose Toys, which makes the figures, hasn't said when the exact date of its release might be, though some retailers like Target and Toys 'R' Us already have season 4 figures.

Retailers though are saying that they won't come out with the Shopkins figures until Dec. 18, possibly going as late as Dec. 20 to coming out with the figures. Crossmap has said that collectors have already spotted the figures at select Toys 'R' Us outlets.

Crossmap has detailed some outlets where the alleged Shopkins figures have been spotted, though these are not confirmed as of yet. For Target, there are sightings in Santa Maria and Davis in California, as well as Albany and Long Island in New York.

For Toys 'R' Us, they have been spotted at an undisclosed outlet in Texas, as well as on Long Island, New York. Wal-Mart possibly has the most sightings, with sightings coming in from California, New York, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Missouri.

One of the best suggestions, as said by Cross Map, is to call up the local Toys 'R' Us, Target, or Wal-Mart outlets to inquire about the new Shopkins figures. For those who can still hold out and wait, perhaps buying in early January might be good, when most likely the new set of Shopkins figures would be out.

As for other countries, Moose Toys said in a statement that its release will differ from country to country, and that they have no exact date as to when it might be available in other countries.