Shopkins season 4 release date: Figures available in time for Christmas shopping

(Moose Toys/toyztoy)A retail box of Shopkins figures. A new report states that the release date for the Shopkins season 4 figures would be on December 18, though Moose Toys has yet to make an official announcement about the release date.

Recently, it has been reported that the Shopkins season 4 figures will have a late December release with no specific date. Now, it seems like the December date release for Shopkins season 4 has been set in stone.

According to Toy Box Chest on its latest update, the Shopkins season 4 figures will be coming out on Dec. 18. That would make the new line of Shopkins figures in time for the holidays, and would likely sell very well, given that the holidays have often been the time when most people buy toys.

Earlier reports state that season 4 figures have already hit retail outlets. There have been reports of sightings of the season 4 Shopkins figures out in select Target, Toys 'R' Us, and Wal-Mart outlets. The sightings have mostly been unconfirmed.

A recent announcement by Moose Toys has stated that the season 4 line will have them out by late December at the earliest. With the update from Toy Box Chest, this has now been updated to a more definite release date.

Although Toy Box Chest has stated that the Shopkins season 4 figures comes out on Dec. 18, there has yet been no official announcement coming from Moose Toys. Toy Box Chest also reports that Canada will have the season 4 figures on Dec. 20.

The Vine Report has also not given any definite release date yet, with its report saying that the earliest would be a late December release, though it could also come out as late as January or even summer 2016.

Shopkins should become even more popular, as it has been named as Girl Toy of the Year. This makes the figure line from Moose Toys even more popular than ever. They have become popular collectibles, especially among young girls.

Toyztoy has the complete list of Shopkins season 4 figures, which have been broken up into nine categories and which also includes the list of Petkins figures. The list also notes the Limited Edition figures, called the Perfume figures.

The Perfume figures Frenchy Perfume, Pretty Puff, Sparkly Spritz, Pretty Bow Kay, Gemma Bottle and Sally Scent. The Petkins figures have a total of 18 figures coming out, while the total number of Shopkins season 4 figures would be 50, according to the list by toyztoy.