'Sister Wives' season 8 update: How did the Brown Family to Mariah's announcement?

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A lot of "Sister Wives" fans were so concentrated on Madison Brown and Caleb Brush's wedding and Mykelti Brown's sudden announcement of an engagement that everyone was blindsided by Mariah Brown's announcement in the last episode of "Sister Wives."

Sadly, immediately after Mariah announced that she was gay, TLC cut the episode, and fans are left wondering what really happened after her announcement.

The recent episode of "Sister Wives" showed the whole Brown family taking a vacation after Mariah's surprising revelation. With the exception of Mariah's mother, Meri, all of the sister wives were able to easily accept Mariah's announcement. Even Kody Brown claimed that he accepts his daughter and that he will not be judging her.

Unfortunately, Meri seems that she is unable to accept Mariah's announcement, not because she's gay, but because she did not have an inkling about what her daughter was going through. Meri tries to talk this out with Robyn and Kody, and she was advised to give her daughter some space.

Meri doesn't take the advice, and almost as soon as she sees her daughter alone, she strikes up a conversation. With her thoughts all in disarray, it is not surprising that there was a lot of miscommunication between Meri and her daughter, with Meri claiming her feelings were weird, while Mariah understood it as Meri claiming she was weird. The conversation turned into another argument, and it was only then that Meri finally gave her daughter the space she needed.

It was also in the recent episode that Mykelti was shown trying to push her parents' buttons as she pretended to do everything that Tony wanted.

With the family claiming that they have completely accepted Mariah and her announcement, it wasn't a surprise that the topic was brought up during a family dinner. Knowing that her family was just curious and was not really judging her, Mariah was quite open to the questions that she even revealed that the first person she talked to about her sexuality was her brother, Logan.

The revelation felt like another thorn to Meri who had wanted to be the first person that Mariah would open up to. Despite this, Meri did not confront Mariah, and she simply waited for her daughter to be comfortable enough to come to her.

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