'Sleepy Hollow' season 4 air date rumors, spoilers: John Noble reprises his role; Nicole Beharie no longer joining the upcoming season?

(Facebook/SleepyHollow)Shown in photo are Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison, lead actors in "Sleepy Hollow" that airs on Fox

Abbie Mills' (Nicole Beharie) death in season 3's finale outraged fans of "Sleepy Hollow," considering that she was one of the main characters of the supernatural crime drama series. With Beharie's exit comes the re-entry of John Noble, one of the major characters in the series who played Henry Parrish who was also known as Jeremy Crane before the character was killed in season 2.

Parrish was originally the son of Ichabod (Tom Mison) and Katrina Crane (Katia Winter). He was sent away by his mother as a baby immediately after Katrina's coven took interest in him. The family who initially cared for Parrish gave him up to an orphanage where he experienced abuse resulting to a very unhappy and troubled childhood. The coven eventually located him and stopped his heart. The creature Moloch rescued him from his helpless state and turned him against his parents. In the end of the second season, both Parrish and Katrina die.

While it is still unclear how showrunners intend to insert Parrish back into the show, it is possible his return will give the series the thrilling and emotional arc it needs to compensate for Mills' absence. Rumors suggested that Mills' absence in season 4 might affect the show's viewership. Parent Herald reported that displeased fans are planning to boycott season 4 should it push through with the possibility of excluding the female FBI agent.

International Business Times said last month that Fox is replacing Beharie with actress Janina Gavankar who also appeared in HBO's "True Blood." Gavankar will play Diana, a Secret Service agent who will team up with Ichabod to combat demons to prevent the apocalypse from happening in season 4. In addition to this is a change in setting from New York to Washington D.C.

Jeremy Davies, who previously appeared in "Lost," is a new addition to the show's cast members. Davies will play a villain. Joining him is Oona Yaffe who will play Diana's 10-year-old daughter and Jerry Mackinnon as Jake Wells.

Fox has yet to announce the official release date of season 4 but it is highly likely that it will be available sometime in 2017.