'Star Trek: Discovery' updates: Three actors cast to play Klingons

(Facebook/StarTrekCBS)Promotional image for "Star Trek: Discovery"

It has been a long journey for "Star Trek: Discovery," but it seems like things are finally looking up for the upcoming series as CBS All Access has announced that they have cast three new actors.

CBS Studios made the official confirmation through the Star Trek website where they announced that Chris Obi, Shazad Latif, and Mary Chieffo were not only cast, but they were the first three Klingons signed up for the All Access series.

Obi will be playing a Klingon leader who aims to unify the Klingon houses, and will also be Kol's mentor. Kol, who is a Klingon commanding officer, will be portrayed by Latif. Chieffo will be portraying L'Rell, a battle deck commander of a Klingon ship. Although it wasn't specifically stated, there have been speculations that she will be on board Kol's ship.

The announcement of the three Klingon actors is not much of a surprise because as early as the last week of October, there were already rumors surfacing that casting for "Star Trek: Discovery" was well underway and that one of the roles that the team is meaning to fill is that of a Klingon captain.

Other actors who have been previously announced to be part of "Star Trek: Discovery" are Michelle Yeoh, who will be playing Captain Georgiou who commands the Starship Shenzhou, Doug Jones, who will play Lt. Saru, Science Officer, and Anthony Rapp as the astromycologist, Lt. Stamets.

Production for "Star Trek: Discovery" has to hurdle a few problems, most notably the departure of executive producer Bryan Fuller as a showrunner of the series. Executive producers Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts were then tapped to replace Fuller. Akiva Goldsman has joined in a top creative role.

There is still no specific release date for "Star Trek: Discovery," but CBS All Access has announced that the series will premiere in May 2017.