'Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic' reboot latest news, rumors: Game not happening after all?

(Bioware)The official cover art for "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic"

After news broke out that a "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" video game reboot was in the works, a new update seemed to douse cold water to all the fire and excitement that had been building up.

A report from gaming website Kotaku confirmed that the software company did develop a prototype for a reboot but clarified that it never progressed in a full-time development, according to Liam Robertson, the source who was "familiar with the goings-on at the studio" and the person who floated the news of a reboot. Moreover, the website also said that it has heard that BioWare Austin is currently busy working on their new IP led by the Edmonton studio of BioWare.

Robertson, for his part, admitted that he may have "misheard some of the Austin stuff" while he was on Skype. "Let me clarify that I don't think Knights of the Old Republic is a current project ... I believe it may have evolved into something else since then or fizzled out since then. I'm still confident Austin is doing something Star Wars related though and I'm confident in that," he explained.

Earlier this week, news circulated that the "Old Republic" game will get a reboot treatment, with the details coming from Robertson who was speaking on his podcast. He mentioned that the company was currently prototyping the game as of the moment and that it will not be a sequel to the second "Old Republic" installment. In addition, Robertson also said in the podcast that the reboot will "embrace the new Star Wars universe lore," and that everything will be started on a clean slate.

Another factor that added fuel to the speculations was a Twitter post from Drew Karpyshyn, lead writer for the first "Knights of the Republic" game, where he confirmed that he is currently working on a new game. Karpyshyn, however, did not say which game he is getting his hands full of at the moment.