'Steven Universe' season 4 air date news, spoilers: Series gets November comeback; Peridot–Lapis Lazuli fusion happening?

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"Steven Universe" has been on hiatus, but a preview of a new episode was revealed during New York Comic Con earlier this month along with the announcement of when the beloved series will come back.

Creator Rebecca Sugar and her team revealed a little sneak peek for the upcoming episode of "Steven Universe" season 4. It featured Steven with Lapis Lazuli and Peridot. It was a two-minute video that showed the Gems and Steven harvesting some pumpkins. While some of them were normal, one particular pumpkin seemed like a dog. However, the two Gems were disappointed as it didn't seem to like them.

Feeling a bit guilty, Steven confessed that he was the one who planted the live pumpkin. Still, Peridot and Lapis Lazuli both felt sad that theirs did not have any face at all. The protagonist then approached a pumpkin and carved a face into it, ultimately hollowing it out. It scared the live pumpkin.

By the end of the video, Steven said it was nice to have a "new addition to the family." With that, fans have begun speculating that Lapis Lazuli and Peridot may have their fusion soon enough.

Facebook/Steven Universe
Sneak peek of "Steven Universe" season 4 episode titled "Gem Harvest."

The fusions on Cartoon Network's "Steven Universe" are among what fans are looking forward to. Previously on the show, Gems called Ruby and Sapphire fused together to create Garnet. The episode that showed Ruby and Sapphire's romance actually acquired an Emmy nomination this year.

"Steven Universe" had long been pushing the boundaries of depicting gay and lesbian relationships. Despite it being a taboo topic especially on kids' shows, the Cartoon Network series acquired a good following among the adults as well because of its great and deeper messages.

"Love is always the core of the show, and now that we've talked a lot about loving relationships like the one between Ruby and Sapphire, and loveless relationships like the one between Lapis and Jasper, I'd really like to talk about identity and individuality, and self love," Sugar said on The Wrap last August.

Meanwhile, creator Sugar also teased about a major arc on the season 4 of the series which involves Rose Quartz.

"Steven Universe" will be back this November on Cartoon Network.