'Steven Universe' season 4 episode 17 spoilers: Steven to get to know more about his mom and Pink Diamond?

(Cartoon Network)A screenshot from an episode of "Steven Universe"

As episode 17 of the fourth season of the animated TV series "Steven Universe" airs tomorrow, rumors and speculations point to the protagonist searching for answers to some valuable questions.

In a report by The Christian Post, the next episode, titled "Storm in the Room," will feature Steven going into his room in the temple in search of answers. With the synopsis offering very little, fans have speculated that Steven's quest for answers may likely revolve around Pink Diamond, which has brought a cloud of mystery into the show.

Pink Diamond has only been referenced in the show, with nobody knowing for sure how she really looked like. One of the few details regarding this character that were divulged is that she owned a zoo where she displayed the people she had captured, turning them into her personal trophies.

Furthermore, it can be recalled that the other Gems were successful in keeping Steven from seeking out Pink Diamond, and the upcoming episode may likely have him finally putting an end to all the questions on the enigmatic Homeworld Gem, the report said.

As for Steven's mother, Rose Quartz, the protagonist's search for answers concerning the mysterious Pink Diamond is speculated to lead him to more details about his mother. It was Steven's mother who defeated Pink Diamond when the latter's evil actions resulted in a rebellion.

Last month, Polygon reported an alleged leak of season 4 episodes. Later on, it was clarified by a Cartoon Network Representative that the episodes were intentionally released online at an earlier date as a form of promotion. A total of five episodes were made available on the network's Android and iOS mobile app, which caught most of the cartoon's avid followers by surprise.

Additionally, a report from Latino's Health last month said that a fifth season for the show is not yet on the horizon, which made a lot of fans anxious. Series creator Rebecca Sugar and writer Lamar Abrams, however, remained positive that a fifth season will likely materialize. "I have big plans for that season! Endgame or not I'm shooting for the moon, I'm going to write us into a serious corner!" said Sugar in an interview with Newsarama last year.

Steven Universe season 4 episode 17 will air on Friday, Feb. 17, at 7 p.m. on Cartoon Network.