'Street Fighter V' latest news: Capcom reveals Kolin as game's next DLC character

(Facebook/Street Fighter)Promotional poster for "Street Fighter 5"

Game developer Capcom revealed on Thursday the character who will appear in the next "Street Fighter V" DLC.

The "calm and collected" Kolin was announced to join the roster of characters in the hit fighting game, and she will be available on PC and PS4 beginning Feb. 28. The reveal was made through a trailer that also featured a new song by Lupe Fiasco titled "It's Not Design."

Kolin, who first saw action in "Street Fighter III," was known for her ability to manipulate ice and wield frigid blasts and deadly icicles. She also made a mark as someone who worked behind the scenes in the secret Illuminati organization, stopping anyone who would oppose Gill. "Spoiler-alert, she resurrects Nash and uses him as a pawn too, showing she will do anything to achieve her goals," said Capcom in their official announcement.

Aside from her ice abilities that were given to her by Gill, Kolin also knows Systema, a Russian form of martial art, which enables her to use her enemy's momentum against them and unleash different forms of knife hand attacks. "She is often heard speaking condescendingly towards her opponents, knowing they don't stand a chance before her, let alone Gill," the Capcom description added.

To give gamers an idea of how Kolin's moves look like, Capcom also released in-game video clips of some of her attacks. For her V-Skill, gamers can use the Inside Slash, which serves as a counter move that deflects and punishes opponents' moves with much ease. For her V-Trigger, she has Diamond Rust, which allows her to slam the ground twice using her foot and release sharp icicles from her position toward her opponent, stunning the latter. This move can be executed with a full V-meter.

For her Critical Art move, she has the Frost Tower, which enables her to summon large icicles from the ground, taking opponents up in the air and then shattering the ice, for the final drop.

The trailer also showed Kolin sporting three different costumes, which gamers can choose from. Costumes that are included on the DLC release are the Story Costume, the Premium Battle Costume, and the Nostalgia Costume. The "Street Fighter V" season 2 character pass, where Kolin appears together with Akuma and four others, is pegged at $29.99.