'Teen Mom 2' update: Javi Marroquin debunks reconciliation rumors

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There have been a lot of rumors circulating lately that "Teen Mom 2" stars Javi Marroquin and wife Kailyn Lowry might be heading to a reconciliation.

The rumors were immediately debunked by Marroquin himself through his Twitter account where he posted, "Idk where the rumor started about me and kail getting back together. No. Never."

Marroquin tried to soften the blow by following the tweet up with, "Not tryna disrespect but we are much happier apart."

The couple has not been on the best of terms since last year. It was also last year that Lowry filed for divorce. Both Marroquin and Lowry have been keeping mum about the main reason for their divorce, but there have been rumors that Lowry cheated on him in the six months that he was deployed in Qatar.

In an interview back in August 2016 with US Weekly, the reality star did not give details about the reason for their split, but he claimed: "I don't wanna put too much out there, but she knows what she did. It'll come out. What's done in the night will show in the light. It'll all unravel. I just gotta keep my mouth shut and watch everything unfold."

According to Refinery29, it seemed like the main source of the rumor that says the couple is getting back together is a Twitter update that Lowry herself posted recently. "I know that I control my thoughts and I should stop reminiscing," the post claimed.

This has immediately sparked rumors that maybe the two have re-evaluated their decision to split, with some fans hopeful that the two will reunite.

Unfortunately, in a recent clip that MTV released, it looks like Marroquin is really telling the truth. The clip showed Marroquin having a sweet conversation with his son, Lincoln, but when the two-year-old left to play, the conversation between Marroquin and Lowry became ice cold.

Lowry then revealed how conversations between them have been like that since the split.

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