'Teen Mom 2' updates: Jenelle Evans had a small, private dinner for her third baby shower

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The latest episode of "Teen Mom 2" might've shown Jenelle Evans going to court to fight for custody of her youngest son, Kaiser, with ex-fiancé Nathan Griffith, but recent updates from the "Teen Mom 2" star herself reveals some good news, at least.

The recent episode of "Teen Mom 2" showed Jenelle signing the visitation agreement papers with Nathan, although she wasn't completely convinced that the latter was prepared to have a toddler over at his place.

When Jenelle and her first son, Jace, went on vacation, it gave Nathan the chance to have an extended time to bond with Kaiser alone. When the two met again, they were very excited to spend time together.

It was a red flag for Jenelle, though, to see that the only one giving her updates about Kaiser was Nathan's mom. This has then made her wonder if Nathan was already violating their agreement, making her contemplate if she should go back to court to get more custody over Kaiser.

In other news, it was Evans herself who posted pictures and a short video of the baby shower that her friends threw for her and her baby, who they will name Ensley. In the photos shared on her Instagram, the "Teen Mom 2" star thanked her friends. In a video that was posted, she revealed that the party was just a simple dinner for a small group of friends.

Evans also revealed in her post that she's only three weeks away from delivery.

It was back in August that Evans and Eason announced that they are expecting a child together. This is Evans' third baby. She already has a seven-year-old son, Jace, with Andrew Lewis, and a two-year-old, Kaiser, with Griffith.

The next episode of "Teen Mom 2" will air on Monday, Jan. 16, at 9 p.m. EST, and it titled "Homecoming." The episode will focus on Javi's return from deployment, and Chelsea's baby announcement.