'The 100' season 5 news: Filming underway; air date still unknown

(Facebook/cwthe100)A promotional image for "The 100."

The new year has arrived, though news on the possible return of "The 100" TV series still remains to be revealed.

Fans, however, can hold on to something positive as new images released a few weeks ago confirmed that filming is already underway. According to images posted on SpoilerTV, a signage was put up on the site where filming for season 5 will take place.

"We are currently preparing to film in the vicinity," read the signage with the logo of the show on top. "Public spaces remain open however, we caution you to be careful as crews and equipment are working in and around the site," the rest of the message read. Moreover, series developer Jason Rothenberg also posted a picture of actress Eliza Taylor (who plays Clarke Griffin) on Twitter, with the caption, "Welcome to Shallow Valley. Population 1. @MisElizaJane #The100."

Back in September, the hit post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama received a renewal for a fifth season on The CW network, Deadline reported. Season 5 will pick up in a very interesting point, as some fans of the show unfollowed the series after the death of series favorite and LGBT character, Lexa.

"It's simplified everything," said Eliza Taylor told during the San Diego Comic-Con last year. "[Clarke's goals have basically become] find food, look after child, stay alive. It's not like, this is going on and this is going on. It's much more wholesome and little, and I'm really excited about that," she added.

As for upcoming season's cast, Den of Geek reported that Spanish actor William Miller will play the role of the bad guy Robert Mccreary, a mysterious prisoner that is part of the mining mission coming from the present time.

"Love Actually" star Ivana Milicevic will also be part of season 5 as Charmaine Diyoza, one of the criminals that were seen toward the tail end of the Season 4 finale, onboard the prison ship.

"The 100" season 5's air date is yet to be announced, though it is expected to return sometime in the early part of the year on The CW.