'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 3 spoilers: New season to be bloodiest, Arima's suicide featured?

(Facebook/Tokyo Ghoul)"Tokyo Ghoul" promo art

Fans of the manga turned anime series, "Tokyo Ghoul," are still waiting for any news regarding the release date of the show's upcoming third season. The pressure is, of course, now on the anime production studio, who has still not revealed any new details regarding the plot and characters of the new season.

As of the moment, majority of those who are involved with the anime are still pre-occupied with the upcoming new live-action adaptation of the franchise which is set to be released in summer next year. Due to this fact, numerous fans have concluded that the new season would most likely be coming after the live-action film is released. Despite the long wait, several fans and publications have already revealed their different theories and speculations regarding the new season.

According to several reports, the third season might be sticking more to its source material as the second season's attempt at diverging from the manga was met with mostly negative reviews. If the third season will follow the same storyline as the manga series, then it would mean that the new season might be the bloodiest one yet. The new episodes will likely also include the grotesque scene of Arima killing himself by slashing his throat in front of Ken Kaneki. Arima actually joined Ken and helped him regain his memory, but then he chooses to end his life after a conflict ensues between them.

Fans of the series are also quite excited about the changes to the characters in the third season. There are theories suggesting that Ken may be going through a mental overhaul and that he might become the main antagonist in the series this time around.

As of moment, there is still no fixed release date for the show's third season. It is, however, very likely that it would be coming out next year after the release of the live-action film.