'Tony Hawk's Pro Skater' documentary to push through despite funding shortage

(Activision)A screenshot from the trailer of "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5" video game.

Despite missing the mark in its fundraising drive, the documentary about the video game of perhaps the world's most iconic skater will still push through.

According to a report from Gamespot, the planned documentary titled "Pretending I'm a Superman: The Tony Hawk Game Story," will still continue with its production despite failing to hit its target of $75,000 USD through a crowdfunding drive, which began last month. Incidentally, the fundraising drive was only able to gather $17,409 coming from 291 supporters.

As a response, the film producers released a statement via Twitter, confirming that the documentary will still be made, although production will likely take much longer because of budget constraints. "Our #Indiegogo campaign ended 13 hours ago, thanks for all the support! This is our o pen letter," said the producers on the Tweet followed by their official statement. They noted, however, that the documentary does not entirely depend on the outcome of the fundraiser.

"If we could have received the full sum, the process of making the documentary may have gone faster, but we are in it for the long or short haul regardless. Multiple sponsors have shown great interest and because of that we'll be able to continue," the producers clarified.

Meanwhile, PC Gamer got in touch with film producer Ralph D'Amato and director Ludvig Gur, and the two detailed how the money from the campaign will be allocated. They said that the money will go to "shooting permits, camera rentals, and paying the crew," to name a few. In addition, they also said that they will be coming out with a separate website where fans can directly send their monetary donations for the production of the documentary film.

First released in 1999 for the PlayStation console, "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater" has sold over 30 million, and it went on to have a fifth installment two years ago in "Pro Skater 5," although critics have viewed the game a disappointment.