U.S. presidential polls latest news: Republican candidate Trump leads over Democrat Clinton

(Reuters/Lucy Nicholson and Jim Urquhart)Democrat nominee for the U.S. presidential race Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump

Republican candidate Donald Trump leads over Democrat Hillary Clinton by a slim two percentage point advantage. This latest figure is based on a recent poll considered to be the most accurate predictor of American candidates in the country's last three elections.

According to Investor's Business Daily/TIPP Presidential Election Tracking Poll, Trump leads at 43 percent over Clinton's 41 percent in a four-way race. Gary Johnson, candidate for the Libertarian Party, held his place at 7 percent. Jill Stein of the Green Party is shown to have dipped at 3 percent.

Meanwhile, Real Clear Politics' average results show Clinton up by 5.9 points in a four-way race. The Democrat candidate is also leading in the latest two-way matchup polls by an average of 5.8 points.

Responses from 783 likely voters are included in the poll results as reported by Investor's Business Daily. Their weighted partisan breakdown is 283 Democrats, 226 Republicans, and 259 Independents. The results show a rolling average of polling done within a six-day period with a margin of error of +/- 3.6 percentage points.

According to the same report, Trump appeals better to men than Clinton with 48 percent versus her 34 percent; lower-income voters with 48 percent versus Clinton's 35 percent; and rural voters with 60 percent versus Clinton's 22 percent; and those who profess a religion.

Clinton, on the other hand, is at an advantage when it comes to women with 46 percent versus Trump's 38 percent. She also registers well with voters aged 18 to 44 with 41 percent versus Trump's 34 percent. The wealthy seem to prefer Clinton over Trump with 47 percent for the Democrat and 38 percent for the Republican candidate. Results also show Clinton is ahead of Trump among investors with 48 percent versus his 38 percent.

During the campaign trail in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Trump announced that his efforts are focused on restoring prosperity in America, securing communities, and ensuring honesty in government.

In the same speech, he also revealed his list of 28 actions he would undertake in his first 100 days as president that include tax cuts, immigration reforms, regulatory reforms, and freezing federal hiring, among others.

Clinton, on the other hand, seems to be emboldened by results of polls that predict a potential landslide win, according to The Washington Post.

On Nov. 8, Americans cast their vote to elect a president that is hoped to better their way of life.