Valve set to make three 'full' VR games

(HTC/Valve)A promotional render for the HTC Vive

Valve Corporation, the developer of iconic and critically-acclaimed games like "Half-Life" and "Portal," has announced that they will create more Virtual Reality (VR) games.

In an interview with gaming website Eurogamer, Valve founder and president Gabe Newell confirmed that they are in the process of developing a total of three VR games that are "full" in nature. "When I say we're building three games, we're building three full games, not experiments," Newell clarified after being asked about the company's "The Lab," which is a free HTC prototype.

Furthermore, Newell noted that the three games are being built on the "Source 2" and "Unity" hardware sets. "This is something that (Shigeru) Miyamoto has always had. He's had the ability to think about what the input device is and design a system while he designs games," he added as he compared his approach to Nintendo's acclaimed game producer and developer.

He also explained that developing hardware alongside software will allow them to come up with better gaming experience for the public. "It feels like we've been stuck with mouse and keyboard for a reeeaaally long time and that the opportunities to build much more interesting kinds of experiences for gamers were there, we just need to sort of expand what we can do," he further explained.

In a 2016 report by The Verge, Valve showed prototypes of their "Vive" VR controllers, which were said to be capable of detecting motion, particularly when gamers open or close their hands. Additionally, the images showed the controllers sporting straps, which will likely address the need to firmly grip them at certain times.

Moreover, Digital Trends also reported early last month that HTC revealed the Vive Tracker, which the developers view to be the first big step in building a pool of third-party VR accessories that will help improve how the consumers and businesses interact with VR.