'Veep' season 6 spoilers and updates: What will life be like for Selina after exiting the White House?

(Facebook/veep)A promotional still for "Veep"

HBO's hit series "Veep" is still months away from making its comeback, but news and spoilers have sprung up online, giving fans something to keep them company as the airing of season six comes closer.

In an interview with Bustle last year, executive producer and showrunner David Mandel already gave a hint at what to expect. "One thing I can tell you is that Gary will be by Selina's side — and I would not want to be in his shoes. We've seen that she doesn't deal well with defeat and I think she's going to lose her quest for relevancy," said Mandel.

By the end of the fifth season, Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) found herself out of the White House, relinquishing the presidency to Laura Montez (Andrea Savage), when the latter got elected after a series of ties and deadlocks in the Electoral College, the House of Representatives, and the Senate.

Mandel also said in an interview with Deadline that fans will have a different view of Meyer as she takes on life after White House. "Selina was a placeholder president who held the job for only a year, and perhaps, in the eyes of many, isn't perhaps deserving of her round-the-clock Secret Service, of the things that normally go with an ex-president of the United States," Mandel said. He also likened Meyer's situation as "a new world" and "unchartered territory," which gets him very excited for the new season.

Furthermore, he also dispelled the speculations that Meyer might reclaim the presidency when Bob Bradley (Martin Mull) approached Montez, telling her that they've found the lost ballots from Nevada and that Meyer had won. Mandel emphasized that Meyer is neither the president nor the vice president of the country and that the upcoming season will be "the continuing adventures of former president of the United States."

The sixth season of "Veep" is scheduled to premiere in April 2017.