'Vikings' season 4B spoilers, news: Ragnar's death inevitable; tragedy to start off a greater Viking conquest

(Facebook/Vikings)Official poster for History's "Vikings"

The premiere date for the second half of "Vikings" season 4 remains a big mystery and no reports can point out yet as to when Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and his horde of Nordic warriors will return to the screen. Despite the uncertainty, a lot of plot speculations have been popping here and there, giving hints on what to expect in season 4B.

According to Parent Herald, the upcoming episodes could be one of the last moments when fans can see the mighty warrior king leading Kattegat and the entirety of the Scandinavian territories. Apparently, Fimmel has already teased on the death of his character which is kind of inevitable when the source materials are to be taken into account.

It is a widely known fact that Ragnar Lodbrok or Lothbrok, the "scourge of France and England," will be succeeded by his equally ferocious sons, the most notable of the lot is Ivar the Boneless (played in the show by Michael Hogh Andersen).

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter last year, series creator Michael Hirst admitted that it's already known to everyone that Fimmel's part in the saga is limited.

"I've always seen Vikings without Ragnar. I thought it was very important when I started thinking about this whole thing that Ragnar had many sons and some of his sons became more famous than he was. So I can perfectly well envision a world without Ragnar and further adventures for the sons. Absolutely. That's something I really, really want to do," Hirst told THR.

Nonetheless, the entire show will not end with the tragedy of Ragnar's death. Speculations are saying that season 4B and perhaps the future installments will introduce Ivar the Boneless' conquest together with the Great Heathen Army.

Several promo materials previously featured the young Lothbroks already in their prime age, ready to take on what their famous father did, to conquer Europe.

"Vikings" season 4B is slated to return sometime this fall.