'WWE 2K17' news: update 1.06 includes HOF Showcase DLC support, addresses bugs

(Facebook/WWEgames)Brock Lesnar on the front cover of 2K Games' upcoming "WWE 2K17"

The latest patch of "WWE 2K17" came out last Tuesday, and the updates seem to hit the right buttons in improving the game's overall gaming experience.

Update 1.06 was eagerly anticipated by the wrestling game's fans as it lived to their expectations when support for the upcoming "Hall of Fame Showcase DLC Pack" was released. The Bitbag report also speculated that the update may be one of the last ones, considering that the latest support is the final DLC pack for the 2017 edition of the "WWE 2K" game series.

The "Hall of Fame Showcase" features "WWE 2K17's" lone story mode, which is bannered by legends that now include the likes of three-time Women's Champion Ivory, and former Intercontinental Champion, Albert. Also playable because of the update are The Freebirds, The Von Erichs, as well as Jacquelin. Furthermore, additional attires can now be enjoyed by fans of Bret Hart, Big Boss Man, and the legendary Sting, to name a few.

Meanwhile, on 2K Forums, the game's official forum site, the developers gave a detailed list of the updates that were included in the 1.06 update, apart from the "Hall of Fame Showcase" support. Some of the more notable ones are the bug fixes affecting gameplay in different ways — some of which have seen the characters moving unnaturally in the past. Other key updates include improved online stability, fixed bugs affecting players' entrances, and much-improved audio, among others.

According to the Bitbag report, "WWE 2K17" owners can purchase "Hall of Fame Showcase" for US$9.99, while those who went for the US$29.99 season pack will automatically get the DLC, together with the "Legends," "Future Stars," and "New Moves Packs."

Since 2014, Visual Concepts and Yuke's have developed the 2K series under publisher 2K Sports. The games have been traditionally released on various platforms, including the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Windows.