Xbox One latest news: New update brings support for Dolby Atmos audio

(Microsoft)A promotional image for the Xbox One

Living up to their promise regarding the audio of their flagship gaming console, Microsoft finally updated the Xbox One and included the Dolby Atmos audio support.

Microsoft's director of programming for Xbox Live, Lawrence "Major Nelson" Hryb, sent a tweet, informing the public of the breakthrough update, which they had promised in October of 2016. "Blu-ray Bitstream pass-through is now live on Xbox One consoles. Reboot & select 'Let my receiver decode audio' in Blu-ray settings page," said Nelson in his tweet.

Moreover, Nelson also explained to Xbox One owners how they can utilize and enjoy the latest feature. Console owners must first reboot their system then pick the "Let me receiver decode audio" option found on the Blu-ray page. Apart from Dolby Atmos, the latest update also gave the Xbox One the ability to support DTS:X audio, according to a report from Engadget.

The latest audio improvement caters to gamers who own the two next-generation audio formats, which leave the older formats by expanding the sound field across all of the speakers, including the ones that are placed above or pointing upwards. Some of the Blu-ray titles that already offer Atmos support include "Game of Thrones," "Mad Max: Fury Road," and "Jupiter Ascending," to name a few.

Last month, Microsoft came out with a statement pertaining to the Xbox One's performance in the market, with the console posting an 11 percent increase in global game hours played, year-over-year. Moreover, it also posted a 35 percent increase as far as global unique multiplayer users are concerned, as compared to 2016. The spike in the numbers was pumped by key titles that include "Halo Wars 2," "For Honor," and "Grand Theft Auto IV."

Despite the improvement in the numbers, the console was still edged by rival PlayStation 4 of Sony, as the latter topped the month of February in terms of overall sales in the U.S., according to a report from Gamespot.