Xbox One X gains an edge over PS4 Pro as Microsoft announces new features

(Facebook/xbox)A promotional image of the Xbox One X console from Microsoft.

The battle for the throne of the best home gaming console has been tight as ever, with leading tech and gaming giants Microsoft and Sony going neck and neck. The former, however, unveiled a set of new features that could very well create separation between their two respective flagship offerings.

According to a report from Forbes, Microsoft announced three new features for the Xbox One X. The first, which was revealed the latest episode of Inside Box, is the support for FreeSync on the Xbox One X, as well as the Xbox One S. The feature will give the two consoles to harmonize fluctuating frame rates of games with the frame rates that are produced by AMD's Radeon displays.

The result is the elimination of stuttering and tearing that gamers usually experience in their screens when the screens try to adapt to the fluctuating frame rates of different game engines.

The second feature is the Automatic Game Mode switching, which lets the Xbox One X command compatible displays and TVs to switch into their present mode for gaming. This will take away the hassle of the players manually activating the Game mode.

Lastly, Microsoft also revealed a fix for the issue affecting the RGB color output that hounds the 4K Blu-ray drives of the Xbox One X. The result of the fix is a more enhanced experience for gamers who use home theater setups, the Forbes report noted.

Meanwhile, TrustedReviews said that the price tag of the two powerful consoles can also spell the difference for some gamers. The Xbox One X retails for $499 USD while the PlayStation 4 (PS4) Pro costs $399 USD.

With the Xbox One X still new to the market, Microsoft can be expected to come up with more updates in the coming months. The same goes for the PS4 Pro, which will likely get its share of updates and improvements from Sony.